About TIC Blogs

Say what?
Do you often find yourself reading an article or a blog with an interesting title but get totally overwhelmed by its “buzzword overload“? That can be such a disappointing experience, because the reason you wanted to read that article in the first place is because you want to learn more about a topic, not get further confused by more buzzwords!


No Buzz Words Overload!

We won’t try to impress you with meaningless buzzwords: that is what TIC Blogs are all about. Our blogs are intended to share interesting ideas and discussions in clear, understandable and useful formats. Its purpose is help you learn about a topic, to stimulate your interest to learn more, and to spawn more discussions.

What do we write about?
We focus our blogs on topics that are of interest to our clients and the Users in the NonStop and Enterprise community. They include: Modernization, Security, Web Services, Mobile App, Java and .NET technologies.

Read/Share. Comment please!
We hope you enjoy our blogs and share them with your friends. We welcome your comments and input on what topics you would like to learn more about. Let us know!

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